Rho Brooks

Rocky Truths

The man who fathered her left with a mountain of secrets. To free her mind, she’ll need to wring out an explanation and see through the lies.

Rocky Roberts can’t wait to leave high school behind. But this college-bound senior still lives in the shadows of a huge emotional cloud: she never knew why her father took off when she was a baby. Finally summoning the courage to look him up, she’s shaken to discover he’s no longer alive… and he had a whole other family.

Torn between letting go and learning more, what Rocky unearths on social media makes reaching out a scary prospect. But as she inches closer to answers, she’s not sure her heart can handle the truth…

Will Rocky uncover what really happened and break the chains of the past?

Rocky Truths is the first book in the page-turning Striking Lotus YA mystery series. If you like determined heroines, shocking surprises, and heartfelt drama, then you’ll love Rho Brooks’s suspenseful story.


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