Carolyn Lancour

Rose and Holly

Hello. My name is Rose. I am an eight-year-old pup and I was just adopted by a new family. It is not easy being adopted. There are so many rules to being a pet, and the rules are different depending on where you go. Holly is another dog my family adopted. She is an expert pet and helps teach me things I need to know. I can understand her better than my mom and dad. They are great and all, but they are not dogs, but I know they love me. We are all learning from each other every day.

This charming, lighthearted, and colorfully illustrated children’s story is about Rose’s sometimes chaotic transition from rescue dog to happy pet. It shows the adjustments she must make as a senior dog with no pet experience, which differs greatly from dogs who learn to be pets as puppies, and raises awareness about the differences of buying versus adopting, especially at the senior dog level, as well as encouraging adopting as an option.

An insightful book written in Rose’s perspective, the perfect way for parents and kids ages 5-10 who are eager to adopt a pet for the first time to learn what issues they could encounter.


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