Hillary Sussman

Roxy and Maliboo

In this super cute and playful read-aloud picture book, Roxy is a lovable dog who has lost a leg because she was sick, and is now faced with accepting this difficult new change. She sleeps on the couch and dreams of going to the dog park to play. When she is healed, she finally gets to go. Once there, she sees a dog sitting all alone, looking sad. His name is Maliboo and he is different too. Roxy goes over and tells him about her own experiences and insecurities, which helps Maliboo to overcome his fears. He and Roxy go and play with the other dogs, who accept them just fine despite their unique features. The lesson they both learn is that it’s okay to be different.

Roxy’s story is meant to give children the confidence to be themselves and not let any differences dictate their self-worth.


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