Morenike McFaal


Just a few pages into this international, multicultural, romantic thriller, Salou Kassai can’t remember her own name- or anything else for that matter. After a tragic accident that took away her memory and much of her mobility, she wakes up in a Parisian hospital confused and scared. As she relearns how to use her mind and body, she finds herself torn between a past she hopes to recover and a future she’s struggling to build.

Promising resident neurosurgeon Benjamin Gardé de Soos is having trouble keeping his mind off his newest patient. Placed on Salou’s case, he finds himself drawn to her, returning to her bedside again and again no matter how hard he tries to stay away. He knows doctors should not form relationships with their patients, but his feelings for Salou are quickly gaining the upper hand.

As Salou and Benjamin grow closer, civil unrest looms in her homeland of Conakry, Guinea. There, a group of rebels secretly prepares to overthrow the government. When a leader of the insurgency meets Salou in a chance encounter, it becomes clear that he wants more than just political power.

Packed with suspense and romance, this genre-defying tale spans continents, cultures, and time periods to interlace a compelling set of characters as their world threatens to unravel in the midst of unforeseen circumstances.


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