Marion Rosen

Save the Last Dance for Death

In a tranquil retirement community in sunny Southern California, a widow and her three friends are out to catch a killer in their midst.

When Marge moves into her new retirement community, she is befriended by Relda, who shares the trick to enjoying life at Laurel Pines – avoiding the rules and attending Friday night dances with Valentino, the handsome dance instructor. Marge is excited for her first dance, but the mood shifts when Valentino’s final partner dies suddenly. The residents chalk the incident up to old age, and life goes on. Marge and Relda form a friendship with Albert and Gerald, and the foursome settle into the rhythm of retirement. But when another dance partner turns up dead, Marge suspects foul play and pays a visit to the local police precinct to share her theory, and after another resident collapses and dies on the dance floor, it becomes clear there is a murderer on the loose. Can Marge and her three friends catch the killer before the killer catches them?


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