Aaron Akram

Say Audrey

The story of a young boy and his quest to be a doctor. It’s a work of great imagination as Audrey uses his mind to escape from the conditions of life. His umbrella can take him places he sees in dreams. It’s ultimately a story of man vs self as he tries to understand himself and find the answers to life. What’s the point of all this? He sets off on a quest for a rainbow named Arco that’s said to lead to nirvana also known as everlasting happiness.

The novel tackles issues like financial hardship, love, health, growing up, sexuality, and the nature of religion. Life itself.

It’s one of the most unconventional stories you’ll read using poetry and fiction, fantasy and reality, dreaming and waking. What if David Copperfield woke up in Wonderland? Too easy a description…..

What does it take to be a doctor? What sacrifice?


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