Michelle Jefferson J.

Sealed With a Kiss…..Red Lipstick!

This memoir is of the many intentional conversations I had with my mother, Dorothy Jefferson.

It’s amazing to me when I watch the manifestation of a vision that mom and I discussed way before me stepping out in faith on my journey to serve people. As we coauthored this book together, I smile looking at the hand writing on the paper at the closing of this book. The reflections in the book are provided to give an insight of the person mom was and is in every word and picture.

Mom and I agreed this assignment, is a tool of learning and sharing how I navigated through a decade of healing. This book is not to diagnose, prognose, or serve as ‘medication’ to the lives of those that read this book. This book is my personal experiences that needed healing with lessons of love from mom. We never had the heart or mind to hurt anyone while reading the material, however, as stated by mom, “tell the truth”. Mom and I agreed that there was too much hurt in the world because no one wanted to share their hurt, let alone, seek healing.

May God bless the hearts and minds of each person that take the time and read Sealed with a Kiss, Red Lipstick. May they reflect on their lives and get the healing and peace that I now have.

With love,


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