DW Orminski

Searching For Dewey

This gritty coming-of-age story follows Daryl’s journey from childhood to adulthood, surviving physical and sexual abuse throughout his early years. Daryl moved frequently with his unstable family, attending sixteen secondary schools in his young life. Interspersed among the many moves across the country, he finds help and wisdom at unexpected times, giving him the hope of a better life. Dewey is a steadfast and mystical friend who was introduced to him by Jim and Cloris, an elderly couple who raised him for several of his boyhood years. Throughout Daryl’s maturing life experiences, it is the ethics, standards, and strength of Dewey that Daryl must reflect back on to measure his own destiny. This touching fictionalized memoir is the story of how Daryl survived an unusual, wayward, adventurous childhood, while dealing with the plethora of dysfunctional characters his mother attracted on multiple levels. Ultimately, Daryl is able to overcome his high-risk adventures to become a responsible husband, father, grandfather, and professional.


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