Thomas Whittle

Separate But Equal In The Jim Crow Era

Segregation in America seemed to be the catalyst for some black people, but the Achilles heal for others. Why were many blacks given little or no chance to succeed in the face of Jim Crow laws and social norms? Yet, many had successful careers as doctors, lawyers, educators, and political leaders. The twentieth century was a time of challenge and required the development of individual leadership skills. This book will examine the choices made by one black individual, which led to two successful careers as a military leader and educator. The central figure in this book learned from life and applied lessons learned along the way.

– Understand the people you are leading and listen to their innermost desires

– Build coalitions, build teams, build partnerships with all stakeholders to meet their self-interest

– Know when you are on the wrong path and dare to change directions for the greater good of all involved

– Know how to deal with crucible moments when they arise in life

– Listen to all voices and provide an opportunity for others to lead. You build organizational leadership capacity; they will thank you for the opportunity to lead.

– Learn from failures and turn those mistakes into opportunities for positive outcomes.

Leadership will, at some point, be thrust upon everyone, whether in a business, family, or on the job. One must be willing to read and learn from the mistakes of others.


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