Miki Bennett

She Came from the Sea

In this enchanting romantic fantasy, Meela is half human and half Nauterian, a race of unique beings who live in a colony beneath the waves of the ocean. Though it is discouraged, Meela loves visiting land, especially Folly Beach for an unusual reason: her father lives there.

During her visit, Meela meets Jax, a human male, and they have an instant connection. A feeling like an electric current passes between them. For Jax it all feels a bit unsettling, but Meela knows what it is – her people call it “The Pairing.” She is shocked because it is rare to develop feelings for a human.

When Meela lets her feelings get the best of her and foolishly decides to swim out to sea following Jax on his deep-sea fishing trip, her secret is exposed. She surfaces to see Jax staring at her and her unusually transformed hands and feet as she takes a quick dive back beneath the sea. In her panicked state, Meela glides swiftly through the water trying to decide whether to stay on land and talk to Jax or go back to the sea where her people live and she belongs. But denying her feelings for this human is useless. Will Jax feel the same way if she stays or will he break her heart?


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