Paul Elledge

Siege of Troy

In 1959, eighteen-year-old Troy Tyler arrives at Jubilee, a conservative Christian church camp, to work through the summer. Tutored by his charismatic roommate Monte, Troy-disillusioned by overexposure to the parental faith-undertakes a transforming journey into expanded consciousness of secular affairs and sexual possibility.

A mixed-breed coming-of-age / coming-out story, Siege of Troy is a sly, wry, subversive take on the traditional angst-ridden coming-out narrative. It critiques the fundamentalist religious tradition, targeting the guilt-drenched culture that uses church camps to recruit susceptible youth. The satire is rarely harsh but usually pointed, and often funny. The romance is light and tender, the sex obliquely suggestive.

This sometimes brooding, introspective, but always entertaining adventure will especially appeal to teens and young adults, as well as educators, counsellors, parents, psychologists, social workers, and LGBTQ communities.


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