Buck Starr

Six-Point Buck

Come along with Buck on his latest adventure! When much of Austria joined the Nazi movement willingly, the Austrian Jews were left to fend for themselves against the occupying force. True to his heritage, Buck helps form a small Jewish resistance from youthful Jews in Badreisen, Austria; Jews who are simply not willing to accept their unknown fates. As they go head-on against the German armies, the courage and dedication of the resistance warriors cause untold consternation to Hitler and his band of not-so-merry cowards. The trials and sacrifices of the young Jews are magnified with every battle, while their group grows and they defend their home town. As if fighting the Nazis were not enough, the resistance must beware of the traitors amongst the townsfolk and hide from those who were formerly their friends and neighbors. When the conflict at home starts to subside, Buck finds himself at a crossroads: Does he make a daring attempt at a mass rescue of Jewish refugees, or stay in Badreisen to protect his home?


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