Cynthia (Synda) Colvert

Soaring Through Life on a Breeze

This is the story of my life. It starts from the early Baby Boomer years of the 1950’s through 2019. It includes funny short stories and a few historical facts that made me who I am today. It covers the fun of growing up in the Los Angeles Area, seeing movie stars in the car next to me on Hollywood Boulevard, and having Disneyland as my personal amusement park. It also includes my high school years in the sixties and dancing in my garage with schoolmates (some who went on to fight in Vietnam). My job as a dental assistant, the marriage to the love of my life, and living with him in Germany are also included, as well as my favorite job at New Focus, where co-workers seemed like family and my new skills became a career. It includes many adventurous road trips with my sisters, Patty and Lisa, and immortalizes my mom’s words, “It’s only that far on the map.” My grandkids were always asking me, “Grandma, what did you do when you were a child?” That made me stop and think: maybe their children will want to know what it was like to grow up in the fifties and sixties too. It also includes other experiences with family and friends and buying my home in Los Banos, where I plan to live happily ever after.


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