Muriel Fitzpatrick


One day Mama Hippo has a big surprise for Rita and her siblings, Amanda and Ayden. They’re going to the water park! They are all so excited to go down all the big water slides! But as they climb the steps to the first tall slide, Rita gets more and more nervous. She’s afraid to go down. What if something happens? But Mama Hippo is very wise, and after reviewing the rules with the kids, she suggests everyone going down the smaller slide first. Rita is so relieved! She is still scared, but she gathers her courage and slides down after her siblings. And it was fun! So fun that she then dared to try the taller slide. That was fun too! But she was still too frightened to go down the dark, scary covered slide. Not until the end of the day was she able to gather enough courage to try the covered slide after figuring out a strategy to help her conquer her fears.

This super cute and colorfully illustrated read-along picture book aimed at ages 3-8 is all about having the courage to speak up when you’re afraid, not to feel pressure to do something you are not ready for yet, and most important, to have the confidence and bravery to conquer your fears in your own time and in your own way. A fun and entertaining story that also gives good lessons on water safety. The perfect book for parents, teachers, and caregivers to read aloud before summer water activities.


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