Bret Nicks

Standing Naked In The Rain

A delightful collection of short stories that follow the life of Toby, a beloved Labrador-hound mix, and the laughter, tears, and lessons that come from each exciting adventure on his life’s journey. Lightly humorous and realistically warming, Standing Naked In The Rain pays tribute to the unconditional love and unmatched loyalty of our four-legged family members, reminding us that the most treasured gifts aren’t always wrapped in a box or delivered by Amazon. And that sometimes an old dog can still teach us a few new tricks. It is a simple reminder that an abundant life is chock full of first times. And the realization that with our canine friends there is sacrifice without expectation, and trust anchored in faithful repetition. Dog and pet lovers of all ages are sure to enjoy this cheerful reminder of the valuable relationships we share with our canine companions.


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