Lindsley, Wally

Steely: Never Kowtow to “Can’t”

Being poor, broke, and “oilfield-trash” during the 40’s and 50’s, presents a young boy many challenges as he adapts to society’s obscure status classes. His parents slide from a Christian lifestyle into alcoholism while pursuing “black gold” through Wyoming and Nebraska giving rise to eleven school changes. Oil “boomtowns,” populated with hardworking tough individuals, were always socially segregated from the locals. Wally’s plight for a supportive family, similar to the privileged local kids he was vying against, was virtually nothing more than a dream. His struggle from a necessitous childhood to a young man of twenty-one years delivers a unique survival technique, STEELY: Never Kowtow to “Can’t.” His experiences growing up in such a nomadic alcoholic world, are emotional as well as humorous; leaving the reader with an insight into the struggles of the lower class. A true story with an inspiring message.


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