Danielle Kathleen


In this suspenseful, small-town young adult mystery, Carmen, her wealthy best friend Crystal, and her bullying nemesis Cinnamon, are all starting their freshman year in high school. Carmen wants to be excited, but there is something she can’t shake, a feeling of unease. She struggles under the microscope of constant scrutiny to be perfect because of her football star big brother and everyone’s high expectations of them both.

Then she meets preppy bad boy RJ, who has transferred from the arch-rival private academy under a cloud of scandal, and everything changes. RJ and Carmen have instant chemistry, but her parents strictly forbid her from ever speaking to him.

RJ and Carmen find a way to sneak around and be with one another. RJ comes clean about why he was expelled from his old school. Trust builds, and on New Year’s Eve they decide to attend a party together at her father’s sports bar. Everyone is having a great time, then a horrific scream comes from the back room. Carmen rushes in and finds a girl from school on the floor, stabbed and dying.

Carmen, RJ, Crystal begin to investigate and ask questions. They peel away layers of hatred between their parents and family members. Secrets are revealed that were meant to stay hidden and never be talked about.

Summersville is book 1 of a planned ongoing series starring these same characters as they experience each year leading to adulthood.


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