Charlene Turner (Author), Lily Jacobs (Illustrator)


“CALLING ALL SUN-LIONS””Hey, are you a Sun-Lion?Would you like to be a Sun-Lion?Do you know what it means to be a Sun-Lion?Want to find out?””Well, just answer these questions:Would you like to be HAPPY?Would you like to be FEARLESS in any situation?Would you like to be more CONFIDENT?Would you like to GIVE and RECEIVE more love, every day?And, would you like to be absolutely INCREDIBLE?”If you answered “YES” than this in not only the book FOR you…this is the book ABOUT you.Today, (and often) read and join the journey and adventures of Sun-lion to learn the tips, techniques, and skills that you, “Yes YOU,” can use to change your world and the world around you with ease.This story will help you:+ build and strengthen your self-confidence+ be fearless in any situation+ discover your true beauty+ better understand others+ stand-up for your beliefs+ share your thoughts respectfully+ give your love and accept the love of others+ and live everyday with joy and happiness.Now, read on to:+ become a Sun-Lion+ live like a Sun-Lion+ share like a Sun-Lion+ and build a world filled with Sun-Lions.Let’s face it, we all face challenges and can easily become confused and overwhelmed by the words and actions of family, friends, and especially bullies that put our emotions, into a “FUNK” when we don’t know why or even how to respond.Understand, you are not alone.Join the Sun-Lion journey where YOU will discover tips, techniques, and skills you can use and share with others to build your self-confidence, your self-esteem, and your self-image to become your own Sun-Lion and to surround yourself with a world of Sun-Lions.Are you ready for adventure?Can I gets ROAR?LET’S ROOOOOOOOAR!!!!!


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