MIKe Simonelli

Sunrise at Midnight

This inspiring collection of writings and poems penned by Morgan Irene Kinney over the past decade expresses the hardships of life growing up in a broken environment, and of searching for love in all the wrong places as she grew into a young woman. Her writings reflect the beauty, the anger, the grief, the joys, the lust, the good, the bad, and every-thing in between that she has experienced. This is not a book for children; it dives deep into the mind of someone struggling and dealing with mental illness, exploring how it feels inside the mind of someone who is ill but faces life’s battles every day with a smile. Its raw emotion and experiences are very heavy but also very happy. Life has no pattern or blueprint. Life isn’t always perfect, but it makes us who we are. You are not alone. Morgan gives readers a trigger warning due to the graphic depiction of sexual abuse, violence, and other forms of harm. Her book will take readers on a terrifying yet exhilarating experience of emotions.


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