Margaret Simons

Sunset in the Lowcountry

For far too long it has been assumed that women over the age of 55 just fade away. They buy wine, adopt cats, fight depression, or discretely buy vibrators. The stars do not align for middle-aged women. The world largely ignores these accomplished women who have endured five decades of education, work, marriage, divorce, the trials of motherhood, and years of celibacy. But being overlooked is decidedly not in Rosie’s future. After her divorce, Rosie is learning how to navigate middle age alone. She finds excitement on the small barrier island of Seabrook, just south of Charleston, with an attractive sailor whom she meets at Bohicket Marina. Before long, an old Yankee boyfriend reappears. Despite Rosie’s active love life, a gnawing feeling of depression and self-doubt lingers and manifests into a presence she calls, The Hag. The Hag is always belittling Rosie, leaving her feeling insecure. But Rosie has an ally in her pet Chihuahua, Hades. With Hades unconditional love, Rosie is empowered to make the most of life. Infused with humor and warmth, Sunset in the Lowcountry: Bohicket, illustrates how with a little wit, self-exploration, and perhaps some vodka, women can survive and even thrive in middle age.


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