Damon Thompson

Supreme Beingz

In 1968, Doc was attacked and beaten so badly he suffered two broken legs that left him lame and unable to walk. That day he knew he must do something to fight the hate and injustice in the world.

Before his grandchildren were born, Doc asked God to bless them with gifts, powers, and superhuman abilities to combat the hate and evils of the world. He was very detailed in his prayers, and prayed that each grandchild be unique and different, with gifts made in God’s image. When they were born, Doc knew they are all gifted, but didn’t know their powers. He taught them how to move in the world, and the importance of being self-aware so they might identify their powers and discover their Inner G. The grandchildren-Staxx, Brix, Fadez, Blaze, Dax, Breeze, Seven, Night, Que, and Myles-all identified and unlocked their powers and gifts by encountering obstacles at an early age. They each found their Inner G and spoke to God to accept their powers.

Even though they now live spread out across the country, they communicate daily. They all decide to go back home and visit Doc. That week, they are all confronted with events that force them to use their powers. Some make it home. Some do not…

This is book 1 of the Supreme Beingz series of faith-based superhero adventure novels.


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