Damon Thompson

Supreme Beingz II

When Lauryn is abducted by the Soul Seekers, the Beingz go to their grandfather for advice. Doc sends them on a dangerous journey to save Lauryn. As their expedition progresses, the Beingz realize their mission is much greater than a simple rescue…

There are three Golden Daggers that determine the fate of the world. If all three Golden Daggers get into the wrong hands, the world as we know it will be demolished.

Dax, King of the Outdoors, holds one Dagger, Egypt, the Animal Whisperer, holds the second, and Dahlia, Queen of The Soul Seekers, holds the third. With Lauryn held captive, Queen Dahlia sends out her fiercest warrior to locate and seize the other two Golden Daggers. This means trouble for the Beingz, who during their journey have gathered allies and built a strong alliance to help them on their quest to save Lauryn and protect the Golden Daggers. But will they get there in time to save the world?


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