David a Jolliffe (Author), Hephzibah Roskelly (Author), Bernard A Phelan (Author)

Teaching and Learning in English Language and Composition

Teaching and Learning in English Language and Composition: Advanced Placement and Beyond is a collection of chapters written by three veteran teachers, each of whom has taught for over 40 years at both the high school and the college level and all of whom have held leadership positions in the Advanced Placement English Language and Composition Program. The chapters dig deep into the intricacies of teaching close, critical reading; unpack insights into using traditional rhetorical forms and canons; and explore a miscellany of issues related to teaching research, fostering student inquiry, and developing effective practices of assessment. While the authors acknowledge and build on their backgrounds with Advanced Placement, the book is not solely focused on issues related to AP. Instead, the book speaks to all secondary and post-secondary English teachers who seek to enfranchise their students as well-informed, savvy consumers and producers of texts, both verbal and visual.


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