J.R. Crawford

Tear Down the Wall

The crazy world today is vastly different from the much simpler world 80 years ago when Bob Crawford was born. An ordained Catholic deacon, he believes virtually every facet of his life has been guided by God, which has enabled him to be very comfortable in accepting all that came before him throughout his life. He believes that many people reported in the so-called news today, are not acting like normal human beings, and our great country needs an awakening. We are seeing a world where God has been deliberately hidden behind a wall. Bob wants to join with all people of Faith, and pull down that wall. Jesus died to show us how very much He loves us, and He is calling all people of faith, to put their differences aside, because division is of Satan; and we must now prayerfully come together for America and for Americans. True peace and happiness can only be found through our Creator, and Bob’s desire is to share God’s peace and bring as many people back to Him as possible, especially the elderly. This thoughtful memoir explores why we are here, where we are today, and, hopefully, where America is going in the future


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