Preston Goldfarb (Author), Scott Adamson (Contributor)

Tenacity of Purpose

This fascinating sports-oriented memoir tells of Coach Preston Goldfarb’s life growing up during the 1950s and 1960s in Birmingham, Alabama, and his journey to become one of the most celebrated soccer coaches in this country.

In 1983 he was tasked with transforming a fledgling soccer team into an intercollegiate power force. His motto: “It’s not what you do every day in training to become better, but rather what you do when no one is watching that makes you the best.” Family first, then school, then soccer. Goldfarb also brought soccer to a new level in the state of Alabama by being the driving force behind the city of Birmingham hosting Olympic soccer for the 1996 Atlanta Summer Games and BSC’s campus serving as the Olympic Village. He recently came out of retirement to start coaching a new semi-professional team, FC Birmingham.


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