A.K. Chatham


This raw and emotional contemporary steamy romance is the sequel to Tethered, which introduced Anastasia Hutchinson, a seventeen-year-old girl whose identity was discarded when she was shipped to the U.K. after her mother’s death revealed she had been abducted at birth and her life was literally a lie. Ana had finally embraced her new life when her impulsiveness led her into the darkness with a handsome young man. This decision left her beaten and cold on the dirt floor of an abandoned cave. Torn opens with Ana’s rescue. Naturally Ana’s parents are concerned and encourage her to find new interests. Instead, she becomes entangled in a forbidden relationship and loses focus. Love and lust make her careless and blind, bringing up stark and unfamiliar needs as she matures into young adulthood. This new love frees her, gives her enlightens her perspective, yet harbors despair and destruction, making her do things she never thought she could do. Just as the couple indulge in life together an emergency rocks their world, which forces them to face the reality of her situation. Ana is conflicted and the lies she has told gnaw at her as insecurities of her past haunt her, creating an even more difficult situation. At length Ana is forced to choose between her family and the love of her life. Which will she choose?


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