Demetra Billy

The Alignment Process

This inspirational and spiritual guidebook by Evangelist Demetra Billy gives the reader tools for keeping on God’s straight path through life’s ups and downs, both physically and spiritually. When you find yourself pulling away to one side or the other, these tools will bring you back into alignment and on the straight path that leads to life everlasting through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Demetra’s guidance for spiritual alignment was created out of many messages sent to her through the Spirit of God. Her life of sacrifice has been dedicated to seeking more guidance from God and discovering His plan, will, and purpose for life. She shows the reader how to go to God in prayer for direction in their life, knowing that prayer is not just a one time event or something to do one time, but that it is a lifestyle to live daily. She urges readers to study the Bible because it is Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth to follow. Aligning yourself in prayer and with God’s Word will help you along life’s difficult journey. If you want to change your life, you can start here.


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