Mario M. Inglima

The Broken Christian

Author, Mario M. Inglima, offers a contemporary take on an age-old challenge; how to mend broken ties with God and His Church and heal personal relationships with family and friends. He shares intimate stories and uses creative, unique analogies to present compelling challenges and spiritual exercises to the reader. He has dramatically re-claimed his post-suicidal life utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques and he is continually striving to enrich his relationship with the Church and urges others to do the same.

The Broken Christian is a Catholic-Christian non-fiction book intended for victims of abuse, abandonment, loss of faith and those who are finding it difficult to live up to standards set forth by the Church. Whether you are from a broken home, divorced or have bewildered or weakened faith, The Broken Christian takes a meticulous, thought- provoking approach to mental health healing and Catholic theology employing a combination of scripture and personal relatable experiences. This motivational book will undoubtedly inspire the reader to re-ignite their faith and fi nd hope in a life that has taken unexpected turns.

The Broken Christian (A Hope-Filled Journey Toward Redemption) also appeals to Non-Catholic Christians and even Non-Christians who may be struggling with mental health related issues or their own faith.


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