Mark Andrlik

The Cedarfield Purge


Eight-year-old Jarrod Kastle is traumatized when he witnesses the attempted sexual assault of his mother by the trusted pastor of his family church. When the pastor denies any wrongdoing and the local church hierarchy protects him, Jarrod and his parents are forced to leave their community, their lives irreparably damaged.

As an embittered adult distrustful of organized religion and its leadership, Jarrod is determined to avenge the wrong done to his family. His new career with the Triston Foundation is providing the perfect means. In charge of the foundation’s social justice initiative, the Expulsion, Jarrod has the opportunity to eliminate all churches and their leaders from the test-case rural community of Cedarfield, Minnesota. After that, the pastor from his childhood church will be his next target for elimination.

But as Jarrod mingles with Cedarfield’s citizens, he is forced to confront his personal strongholds. Furthermore, attacks on the churches from the outside the purview of the Expulsion put him in mortal danger. Who or what else is involved? As the insidious tactics get worse, the warning voices of Cedarfield’s local prophets go unheeded-with disastrous consequences for those opposing God.

This thought-provoking and inspirational suspense thriller is a dramatic and engaging illustration of how authorities in contemporary society persecute persons and organizations of faith. It relates both the glories and the challenges of ministry in a small community, and demonstrates that God always prevails.


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