Mark Perry

The Climb

A boy with a certain soul traverses high school life while mourning the loss of a parent and slowly reconnecting with another. Still reeling from the death of his late mother, Marc August tries to fit into a new town and home with his over-worked father. Nestled deep in the pacific northwest, the town of Sunset Heights is a place of mystery. Canopied under the chilled northwestern flora. A town without cadence, huddled over by the gray constant cover of clouds. An out-of-the-way hamlet far displaced from the next towns and cities. For those who can find it, a passing waypoint for all the things that go bump in the night. Witness as Marc navigates his way through a myriad of secrets and mysteries hidden in plain sight, all the while trying to lead a normal teenage life, in hopes to live up to his mother’s final wishes. First steps Marc stumbles into a series of events that forever and completely change his reality as a simple high school student. The disappearance of certain townsfolk sparks the curiosity of Marc and his group of close friends. When someone close to their circle goes missing, they decide that any gruesome possibility must be faced to find the truth. Inspired by real monsters and cryptid lore from around the globe, The Climb explores several legends and myths, werewolves, vampires, magic, relics, souls, and people of great importance and renown. Witness the first steps of The Climb.


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