Amber Fairclough

The Clockmaker’s Wish

In this captivating fantasy mystery filled with plot twists, four lives are intertwined by the strings of fate. To fulfill her friend Everett’s last dying request, Cybil, a reserved and resourceful seamstress, must go on an adventure to a city far from home. Everett and Cybil were once great friends but they had a terrible falling out, and Cybil has long-harbored conflicting emotions for Everett, who hurt her more than any other in her life. Unbeknownst to her, he has documented everything, and through his frequent journal entries the reader comes to learn the depths of their story, about their friendship, and his relationship with a woman called Beatrice that seems to have caused his suicide. On Cybil’s journey, her traveling companion and carriage driver is the shadowy Kindle, a man who is not who he says he is. What painful memories and conflicts await her on this adventure? And who or what is giving her the foreboding feeling as she sets out? Danger awaits if she doesn’t tread carefully… The book has dark themes of suicide, depression, addiction, marital issues, and heartbreak, but it also has overcoming addiction, forgiveness, and love. An original, genuinely thought-provoking story.


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