Julie Peralta

The Crystal Orb

While out hunting in the woods near her village, Alia stumbles upon a dying mage. Before he passes away, he offers her a crystal orb along with the enigmatic words, ‘You are the hope now.’ Unable to decipher his meaning, Alia takes the orb and embarks on a journey to seek the counsel of the kingdom of the elves. Accompanying her on the quest are her twin sister, a warrior, and an old friend. But the road to the elven capital is dangerous, and their ultimate mission to protect the orb proves even more perilous. After a frightening vision of the future, Alia is torn between trusting her oldest friend or the man she is falling for. Facing an uncertain fate, Alia must find a way to foil a plot to destroy mankind before it’s too late. Enter a magical realm where humans coexist with mythical creatures in The Crystal Orb, the first novel in the action packed fantasy series The Acacia Chronicles.


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