Nyab Pheng Thao

The Daddy Doll who Traveled the World

One day on the playground, Bobby’s daddy gave him a gift. It was a very special teddy bear that daddy said would keep Bobby safe while he was away on deployment. But when the time came for his daddy to leave, Bobby hid the bear in his daddy’s big green duffle bag, so it would keep his daddy safe instead. Over the next many weeks, the Daddy Doll had many exciting adventures…and kept Daddy safe. Military deployments and soldiers training away from home often bring hardship to military families, especially the children. Nyab Pheng Thao believes stories like this are a good way to help children cope during these difficult times, cheering them up just a bit. Seeing themselves in this book lets them know that everything will be okay. This book is sure to be a help to any child in a military family feel they are a part of the adventure of their loved one when they must leave home to perform their duties and responsibilities. Enjoy the great adventure with the Daddy Doll as he travels the world. Children, parents, educators, and caregivers will delight in this book, which is both a read-aloud picture book and a coloring book.


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