M. R. Hosein

The Fairy King That Could Not Fly

Long ago, fairies ruled the world. The fairy king and queen were given a kingdom with a castle, and they would take care of their subjects by providing spells and potions to improve their lives. In turn, the people would farm and share the food they grew with the court. The castles were beautiful and the subjects worked hard. The people believed that all fairies could do spells, make potions, turn straw into gold, and of course, they could fly. But that was not true. There was one fairy king who could not fly, but he cared for his people very well and they were very happy. The neighboring fairy king could fly, so he was very proud and arrogant. He mistreated his people and was cruel. But in the end, his bad behavior caused him to lose everything.This beautifully illustrated children’s book with diversity and a positive message is perfect for early readers ages 4-8, and for parents, teachers, and caregivers to use as a read-aloud, a bedtime story, or in the classroom.


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