Adrienne Garlen

The Family

“It’s you Vincent! It always has been you, and always will be you, but I can’t wait anymore! I keep pretending, hoping, and praying that maybe one day you will love me the way that I love you, but it is never going to happen. It is not fair to either of us. I can’t keep wishing that one day you will love me Vincent!”

“You said you would wait for me forever”, Vincent said slowly. “Forever took too long Vincent”, Bella said tears streaming down her face.

“Your plan is to marry him then, have his children, work side by side with him, fix his meals, lie in his bed, grow old with him, and become a busy home maker and mother so busy that you don’t notice that you see that you don’t love him?”

“Vincent, please go”, Bella cried.

“Tell me Bella, is it also you plan to pretend and wish he is me?”, Vincent asked.

“That is not fair!”, Bella yelled.

“What? What is not fair about it?”, Vincent yelled back.

“This is madness!”, Bella said.

“Why? In what way?”, Vincent yelled.

“I have the most gorgeous man in the world, with jet black hair, and story book blue eyes, who I am so in love with and who loves my farm, and who really likes me a lot, ………..


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