Adrienne Garlen

The Family Part 2

Vincent wanted Bella to always remember this. The night he had held her for so long. Vincent could feel her long wet eyelashes on his chest. Vincent hoped Bella would forget all the pain and suffering of the gruesome day, and remember the different type of intimacy he was offering tonight.

The one special night that he had comforted her, and held her when the world seemed to be completely against her. When everyone else was indeed not there; Vincent did want to be the one who she had recognized was there, who was her comfort and true companion.

The one truly amazing night he could be her very best friend and not want anything in return. Vincent allowed Bella to lay softly on his chest, shaking out her grief, and catching the tears as they fell upon him. Vincent had taken Bella’s soft hair down and was trying hard to just hold her, it was all he knew to do.

Vincent finally felt Bella asleep upon his heart, he looked down and kissed her head,

“My amazing beautiful wife, I do love you so much”.

“Sweet dreams my love, rest well upon my heart tonight”, Vincent smiled.

Even a forty year old woman, should be able to cry it out and be comforted in my arms every now and then……….


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