Tiffany Rollett

The Forest Within

Mandy is a shy and socially awkward young professional with a predestined future. Unbeknownst to her, she possesses the soul of a 600-year-old sorceress. Mandy’s true identity is revealed when a longstanding enemy named Aizen reemerges to exact revenge. With the help of her spiritual guardian and her friends, Mandy sets out to defeat her nemesis once and for all to reclaim the missing piece of her soul. Mandy is reunited with her spellbook so she can continue learning the ways for sorcery, but is manipulated by an acquaintance into making a magical world of her own to put Aizen’s plan into action. When she succeeds in creating a magical forest, Aizen reveals himself and attacks her, but she is saved by her best friend and protector. Frustrated with defeat, she vows to free her friends from Aizen’s grip. But can she save her one true love? A magnificent page-turner, The Forest Within offers a spellbinding escape where good triumphs over evil.


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