William E. Boone

The Greenfield Fishing Club

The rumor of a 16 foot alligator in the lake, made Paul, Jamal, and Tommy cautious where they fished with their homemade poles. All three were good friends and had visions of catching “the big one” and getting their name and picture of their fish on the bulletin board at Tiny’s Bait & Tackle. They planned to replace their poles with bamboo, but that meant crossing Farmer Pete’s land to get to the wild bamboo. It was a risky venture! Everyone at school referred to Farmer Pete as “the pirate” and it was said that he would shoot trespassers. Billy had circulated a drawing of a wolf/dog that he said roamed the grounds and was trained to kill; plus, there was also a ghost to consider. It was a summer that was filled with fun, adventures, and unexpected surprises.


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