Eileen Hobbs

The Heath Cousins and the Moonstone Cave

The Heath Cousins and the Moonstone Cave is the first book in the Heath Cousins series. Book 2 is The Heath Cousins and the Kingsgate Bridge and Book 3 is The Heath Cousins and the Crystal Canyon, both available on Amazon. Book 4, The Ruby Lantern is due out soon. The series is about Addie B. and her cousins Jack, Beanie and Bodie who discover the magical Garden of Choice while exploring the Moonstone Cave. There they meet Gemma, who reminds them of their grandmother Winnie who recently passed away, and her amazing white wolf, Jumani. Gemma gifts each cousin with a magical stone. Addie wears a Moonstone ring that gives her the gift of reading and understanding other languages. Jack, the oldest, has the black onyx stone which represents The Protector of the group. Beanie has the red carnelian stone which helps him to heal others. Finally, Bodie is given the Tiger’s Eye, that allows him to talk to and understand other creatures. One of those creatures is Jadira, a smelly buffalo creature that becomes Bodie’s dear friend. Together, the cousins face many dangers throughout the series and must work together to overcome them and return home safely. Daiyu, the powerful creature that can change forms, is their most challenging enemy. In Book 1 she appears as a menacing gray wolf and a giant, terrifying bird. In addition to Daiyu, the cousins must face other challenges, including Arach the crystal spewing dragon in Book 3. On each of their journeys they learn more about this magical place, including its name, Ambra, and the many gateways that lead to that world from their own. They learn about Gatekeepers, like Gemma, who guard the various gateways, and provide guidance to the “Wanderers” like Addie B. and her cousins. Ambra is a special place – a place where those who need healing can be strengthened and where those who are lost can find a place to belong.


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