Samuel Riley

The Journey

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself, Why was I born into this world, why did the Almighty bring me into this life? Samuel L. Riley Sr. believes the Lord had a special job He wanted him to do, and that was why his mother named him Samuel, meaning God heard, or the name of God. At the age of 15, Samuel began that special work. Since then, Samuel has been blessed to do many things and to go many places. As he looks back over his life, some of the decisions he made he regrets and others he was blessed by doing. He hopes readers will find something in this little book that will motivate them to branch out on life while they are still able. Life is short, but eternity is long. Don’t just live for now, live for the future, for one day you will look back on your journey. The Lord is in all of us, controlling our every move. Everyone has a God-driven duty to fulfi ll the job for which the Lord put you on earth. You can start right now.


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