Steve Bazsuly

The Mafia Helped Me Lose 400 Million Dollars

This incredible, page-turning book is the true story of Steve Bazsuly. His story involves high finance, fraud, the FBI, takedowns, prison, F. Lee Bailey, O.J. Simpson, former President Donald Trump, and five infamous New York Mafia families. Convicted of financial crimes, Steve twice spent time behind bars.

Steve fearlessly writes of his involvement with the Mafia, including the FBI bust in Pasco County, Florida, depicted in the blockbuster movie Donnie Brasco. Steve owned a public company with over 5,000 shareholders that was also busted by the FBI. One hundred fifty people were charged, including the arrest and takedown of five Mafia families in New York. The feds called it “the biggest Mafia bust in U.S. history.” The story made international news headlines, and a Time Magazine article compared Steve’s company to the Sopranos TV series.

An amazing, true story


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