Nathaniel E. Troupe

The Marksmen Guard

As Captain of the vaunted Marksmen Guard, Neil Stryder is considered one of, if not the most, dangerous warrior in all Ealderium. When he is framed for the death of his father-in-law, and leader of the country of Vessel, during a coup, he and his fellow members of the Marksmen Guard are forced into hiding. With few friends left to him, and an entire country hunting him, Neil flees to become a mercenary while planning to clear the name of the Marksmen Guard by unveiling the true events of that fateful night.

While Neil spends years piecing together what he can about that night, his past begins playing a major part in his future, and the future of all humanity. Unknowingly he becomes embroiled with an old enemy that must never be awakened. Neil, and his friends, are the last hope humanity has in stopping an ancient power that seeks to change the world as they know it, but what if they can’t stop it? What if they shouldn’t?


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