George Brent

The Match

When a minor U.K. football club encounters severe financial problems, Chairman Tom Harmon, in order to fend off bankruptcy, has no choice but to try and sell his beloved club. Marco Capatrone, the club`s recently appointed Marketing Director is entrusted to effect the sale, but he is not what he seems, having identified the opportunity to secure a major personal financial windfall if he can gain control of the Club. But Tom`s need to raise immediate cash comes with a price, the transfer of his star player, Michael Emmerson. Bullied by Marco to proceed, Michael is reluctant to be transferred, preferring to work out the remainder of his contract before deciding upon his future career direction. Desperate, Tom calls an associate, Joni Fleming, to persuade Michael to change his mind. As Joni and Michael spend time together an attraction grows and the pair become romantically involved. But will this relationship create a conflict of interest, or can it be harnessed to enhance the objectives of both Michael and the Football Club? Marco, understanding that Joni`s success will adversely affect the completion of his own devious scheme, endeavors to sabotage transfer negotiations. But to what depths of skullduggery is he prepared to go to realize his ambitions? As Marco`s efforts and Joni`s transfer negotiations intensify and the deadline looms, there is still no clear answer in sight. Just when the key players think that their respective goals are within reach, a major bombshell threatens to upend everything. A delightful page-turner, The Match presents a story of overriding optimism for those who revel in the complexities of high stakes business negotiations, intrigue, and romance in the world of club football.


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