Quentin A. Grant

The Measure of Success

This inspirational and motivational book by Quentin A. Grant gives readers an understanding of success and explains how success can be measured, achieved, and preserved, as well as how success impacts the lives of people around the world when it is finally achieved.

The book provides the self-help tools needed to defeat poverty, and teaches how to achieve success in all the areas of life, according to God’s standards. It shows how life’s purpose can be accomplished by applying hard work, consistency, and an effort to become the best version of oneself. These lessons will help readers grow confident in the promises given by God, while applying and using time correctly to achieve their goals. By listening to God’s will, applying God’s will, and submitting to God’s will, you can attain the highest measure of success. Every lesson provides encouragement and hope in knowing that each new day is a new opportunity. By empowering your faith, your faith can empower your hopes, and your hopes can change the world.


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