Bethany Felix

The Nerd Who Became Famous

Amelia and Ava both dream of becoming pop stars like their idol, the world’s most famous pop star. They are twins but they have very different personalities. Ava is the most popular girl at school and a typical mean girl with a gang of bullies always at her side. Amelia is the smartest kid in school, known to all as the Nerd. She wears huge, ugly glasses and her hair is always in a messy bun, and all the kids make fun of her and treat her mean. Even her sister.

One day Amelia is suspended from school for something she didn’t do, and runs to the library to hide and cry. There she meets a new friend, Crystal, who sticks up for Amelia even when everyone else is against her. Later she invites Amelia over to her house, and while they’re listening to their favorite pop star, Crystal tells Amelia a huge secret.

That’s when the tables are turned, and Amelia’s dreams all start to come true. The truth comes out about Ava, and now it’s Ava who is rightfully suspended. And the best part is, thanks to Crystal, Amelia gets a chance to sing on stage with her favorite popstar…and she became famous too!

No matter how bad things look, always believe in yourself and don’t let anyone stop you from achieving your dreams!


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