Fran Mirabelle

The Old Man in the Park

Jordan Marsh is experiencing several of life’s problems when he meets a kind, yet mysterious, elderly gentleman, named Nick, in a park. They discuss many topics, but find a common bond talking sports. A fast friendship develops with Nick cleverly helping Jordan work through his issues. As that friendship is developing, Jordan begins a romantic relationship with his dying father’s hospice nurse, Mary. Shortly thereafter, Mary has to deal with a problem of her own, which potentially threatens to derail her blossoming relationship with Jordan. Nick hooks Jordan’s interest with a promise to share the details of three intriguing basketball games from 1971 that Nick was instrumental in facilitating. As their friendship deepens, Jordan begins to realize that Nick has a somewhat shadowy past, but Nick only shares enough information about himself at each of their meetings to further entice Jordan, who wants to write a book about Nick’s life. In the end, Jordan learns the rest of Nick’s life story to include several plot twists and surprises.


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