Andrew Caldwell

The Presidents’ School

America’s first Jewish President Byron Weiss stuns the nation when he declines to run for a second term and instead promotes a new cadre of men and women to replace the old guard in Congress. The first candidates of the newly established ‘President’s School’ start churning out creative ideas for geopolitics and diplomacy, like offering the nation of Israel the chance to become the 51st state by relocating to southern New Mexico. As the West embraces the changes, longing for the possibility of an end to conflict in the Middle East, Iran, China and Russia plot to destroy any hope of peace and stability. When a U-boat marked with a swastika symbol is spotted followed by displays of aggression, the members of the President’s School are called to action before a dreadful time in history repeats itself. An action-packed thriller, The Presidents School exposes the failures of America’s current political system, experiments with the established formula, and presents some novel ideas for the future of American politics and international relations.


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