Cherice King

The Real Happily Ever After

In this Christian fantasy novel, a fairy tale with an eternal message, readers learn more about how our choices of who we dedicate our lives to can either bring us eternal happiness in heaven or eternal damnation in hell. After the death of Damien’s sister, Jezebel, he secretly steals the throne of the Wicked Kingdom. The Lord takes Prince Charming on a journey to hell so he can warn the residents of the Wicked Kingdom what will become of them if they don’t change. The Lord allows Kenya, who has returned to the Beautiful Kingdom, to betray Prince Charming and his father the king, by kidnapping Prince Charming’s children and his wife, Princess Erica, and returning them to King Damien out of revenge. Even after this tragic incident, Prince Charming still trusts and remains loyal to his one and only savior, Jesus Christ. The Lord now urges Prince Charming to return to the Wicked Kingdom to preach the gospel in order to redeem its residents before He completely destroys the land. Will Prince Charming be able to recover his family and save the residents before the Lord destroys the entire Kingdom? Through troubled or good times, always put your trust in the Lord. The real happily ever after is in Him, Jesus Christ. Without Jesus, you will spend eternity in hell separated from Him forever. This is the third book of a series. Other titles are: The Real Happily After Part 1: The Path to Her Destruction, and The Real Happily Ever After Part 2: He Saved Me From the Depths Of Hell.


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