Cherie King

The Real Happily Ever After

Heaven is real. The supernatural is real. And God is real.

In this Christian supernatural thriller, after King Damien murders Prince Charming and his family, they are transported up to heaven and the Lord shows them His beautiful realm, that Majestic place with deep secrets and mysteries. The Lord then sends Prince Charming, Princess Erica, and their children back to the earth in order to shepherd the saved ones away from the wicked kingdom before He destroys it.

A fairy tale with an eternal message-the choice of whom we dedicate our lives to can bring us either eternal happiness in heaven or eternal damnation in hell. Through troubled or good times, always put your trust in the Lord. The real happily ever after is in Him, Jesus Christ. Without Jesus, you will spend eternity in hell separated from Him forever.

This is the fourth book of a series. Other titles are: The Real Happily After Part 1: The Path to Her Destruction, and The Real Happily Ever After Part 2: He Saved Me From the Depths Of Hell, and The Real Happily Ever After Part 3: The Last Warning! The Last Call!


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