Richard Pickard

The Saylor Document

Told through the observant eyes of White House Secret Service Agent Bill Jarnosky, and renowned investigative researcher Robert Saylor, this page-turning suspense thriller parallels the real world of conspiracy, greed, and corrupt politicians and chemical companies. An attempt to poison the first lady using a specialized gas sends a signal to the president that they mean business. Black ops agents are used by high-ranking officials to kill one of their own. The intricate plot unfolds, keeping readers on the edge of their seats with an expert blend of suspense, romance, and environmental issues, driven by the greed and arrogance of politicians and corporate board members, powerful people who are pure evil and use their wealth to corrupt and manipulate government at the highest levels in order to hide a terrible secret without fear of the law. Follow Saylor’s meticulous research to uncover the abuse of power and disregard for life, and the subsequent investigative workings of the Secret Service as they unravel the unimaginable crime that threatens the lives of every American.

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